Alloy Splashbacks


Inspired by Innovation, Driven by Choice

Alloy splashbacks are patterned or coloured composite aluminium splashbacks, crafted to give you complete design freedom around the kitchen - even in the Hot Zone behind the hob.

The 4mm thick fire-resistant panels come in a choice of 4 sizes with aluminium trims available to make fitting and finishing an easy task.

They are strong, lightweight and tough yet easy to clean and maintain.


The following sizes are available in all colours

3000 x 600 x 4mm
3000 x 750 x 4mm
600 x 800 x 4mm
900 x 800 x 4mm

Alloy Colour — double sided panels

Battleship Grey

Seafoam Green

Battleship Grey textured or Seafoam Green textured

Hadrian Green

Midnight Grey

Hadrian Green textured or Midnight Grey textured

Neptune Blue

Glacier White

Neptune Blue Gloss or Glacier White Gloss

Smoked Rose

Deep Sea Blue

Smoked Rose textured or Deep Sea Blue textured

Storm Blue

Terra Grey

Storm Blue Gloss or Terra Grey Gloss

Alloy Brushed — double sided panels


Copper Brown Brushed or Carbon Black Brushed


Silver Steel Brushed or Titanium Brushed

Alloy Patterns - Single Sided Panels

Alloy Splashbacks are easy to install using standard woodworking tools, but please follow the instructions which come with the panels. You can download a copy by clicking the following link:
Fitting Instructions
Aluminium trims are available in Silver or Anthracite to help with corners and exposed ends.
For more information please refer to the Manufacturers brochure.
Alloy Brochure