Compact Laminate Worktops


Compact laminate is a very high density material that is completely waterproof and extremely durable.

It is easy to maintain, and its ultraslim look works perfectly with contemporary design concepts.

Zenith is the best known of the Compact laminate brands and offers a wide choice of decors with carefully selected core colours.

Sizes available:

3000 x 650 x 12
3000 x 950 x 12
3000 x 100 x 12 Upstand
3000 x 600 x 8 mm Matching MDF Splashback


Zenith can be cut and shaped with woodworking tools, but read the installation instructions carefully before commencing work.

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Mariz compact is a good choice for projects that are less design influenced, and more budget led.

By keeping the range to only 8 decors and offering more size variants than other ranges, significant savings can be made.

Mariz worktops are pre-finished on one long and two short edges (all four edges on Breakfast Bars) so there is less work for installer too.

The manufacturer also offers a range of ready-made sink modules.

Sizes Available:

3050 x 640 x 12

1500 x 640 x 12

3050 x 950 x 12

3050 x 1240 x 12


3050 x 70 x 12

3050 x 150 x 12


900 x 750 x 12

3050 x 600 x 3

1500 x 600 x 3

Mariz Antique Rust
Carysil White Marble

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Sometimes size really does matter.

If your project demands a worktop that is over 3 metres in length or 950mm in width (e.g. Large Island tops) you’ll need to look at the Duropal compact range. In addition to standard worktop sizes they offer a full sheet size of 4100 x 1300mm so you won’t have to worry about joins.

NB—4100 x 1300mm sheet size available to trade customers with forklift to unload.

Full cutting and machining service available for Compact Laminate.

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